Territorial concessions will not stop the war: Cameron criticizes Trump's "peace plan"

Cameron criticizes Trump's "peace plan" and compares Hitler and Putin

Territorial concessions to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, which, according to the American press, Donald Trump offers in his "peace plan," will not help stop the war. Russian aggression can only be stopped by supporting Ukraine.

This was stated by British Foreign Secretary David Cameron in an interview with CNN after his meeting with US presidential contender Donald Trump. He criticized Trump's "peace plan".

According to Cameron, everyone wants peace, but it cannot be achieved by appeasing the aggressor.

"Peace will come through strength, not through weakness and a policy of appeasement of the aggressor," Cameron said.

At the same time, the British minister used this very term: "policy of appeasement". It is commonly used to describe the policy of concessions made by Western democracies to Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. As you know, it led to the complete collapse of the Versailles system, the League of Nations, and the collective security system, radically changed the balance of power in Europe, significantly weakening the geopolitical positions of the UK and France, while strengthening Germany, led by Hitler.

In this way, Cameron put an equal sign between the two aggressors and tyrants, Hitler and Putin, and made it clear what awaits the world if the situation repeats itself.

On April 9, during his visit to the United States, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron met with former US President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida. The topic of their conversation was Ukraine, in particular, further support from the United States.

Cameron tried to convince Trump to allow the US Congress to provide Ukraine with $60 billion in military aid. However, his efforts seem to have failed, The Guardian reported.

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