Switzerland supported the creation of a tribunal for Russia

The initiative has already been supported by 38 countries

Switzerland has supported the creation of a Special Tribunal to investigate Russia's war crimes in Ukraine. The announcement was made on November 16 in Berlin, where Switzerland confirmed its membership in the core group of countries that support the creation of such a tribunal.

This was reported by the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is emphasized that the country is firmly convinced that aggression against Ukraine should not go unpunished.

The countries that support the creation of such a special international judicial body have been meeting for several months as part of a core group of states. They are working on decisions regarding the format, location and methods of work of the tribunal.

In recent months, the initiative has been supported by 38 countries, including France, Germany, Norway, Guatemala, Japan, and Canada. Switzerland officially joined the core group at a meeting in Berlin on November 16, 2023.

The Swiss Foreign Ministry has stated that while the International Criminal Court (ICC) has the authority to prosecute war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Ukraine, it does not have jurisdiction over the "crime of aggression" in this war, as neither Russia nor Ukraine has ratified the Rome Statute (the international treaty establishing the court).

In addition to supporting the creation of a special tribunal to prevent Russia's impunity, Stockholm will seek to revise the Rome Statute to facilitate the ICC's jurisdiction to consider the crime of aggression in all contexts, the Swiss defense ministry said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

The US State Department supports the creation of such a special tribunal for Russia. They call it the most effective mechanism for bringing to justice both the organizers and perpetrators of Russia's war crimes against Ukraine.

TheHague has officially supported the initiative to create a special tribunal for Russia. The city council of the city noted that given the number of war crimes that have already been registered and are being investigated in Ukraine, such a tribunal would require a separate building.

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