South Korea may provide Ukraine with air defense systems and artillery shells

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and President of South Korea Yoon Suk Yeol

South Korea is allegedly considering the possibility of transferring air defense systems and 155 mm artillery shells to Ukraine. The amount of possible assistance to Ukraine will depend on Russia's level of cooperation with the DPRK.

National Security Advisor Jang Ho-jin said that South Korea would consider supplying weapons to Ukraine after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin signed a pact that provides for mutual defense in case of aggression against one of the countries. Yonhap writes about this.

As the publication recalled, Putin threatened that South Korea would make a "big mistake" if it decided to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine.

"There are various options for supplying weapons, and our stance on the recent developments between Russia and North Korea depends on how Russia approaches the situation in the future," the South Korean official said.

Previously, Seoul supplied Ukraine with only non-lethal equipment for its war against Russia in accordance with a policy that prohibits the supply of lethal weapons to countries at war.

Currently, the country is considering providing Kyiv with 155-mm artillery shells, as well as air defense systems that Ukraine needs to protect itself from Russian missile attacks.

"Seoul officials maintain strategic ambiguity about the types of weapons, viewing it as a diplomatic move to seize the opportunity to pressure Moscow to refrain from transferring key military technologies to Pyongyang," the publication writes.

As reported, the Institute for the Study of War noted that the dictatorial governments of the aggressor country Russia and North Korea formulated the agreement as proof of their mutual support in the joint struggle against Western countries. In this way, they showed that they both share a common goal of challenging the West and the current world order.

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