Slovakia stops transferring military aid to Ukraine from its warehouses: what's happening

Slovakia will not send military aid to Ukraine
Slovakia will not send military aid to Ukraine

Slovakia has decided not to continue transferring military aid to Ukraine from its warehouses. At the same time, Bratislava will continue to support Kyiv with humanitarian, civilian, and technical non-lethal assistance.

This was confirmed in Brussels (Belgium) in a conversation with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg by Defense Minister Robert Kalinak, the Defense Ministry's website reported on November 14. "Our foreign partners fully respect the decision of the new government," the press service said.

The ministry said that the new government aims to strengthen the capacity and capabilities of its Armed Forces "in performing tasks aimed at preserving the security of the people and the state." In particular, it is planned to modernize the Slovak Armed Forces.

Kalynak emphasized: "Bratislava is a responsible partner that is ready to build capacity both at the individual and collective level."

"Both sides reaffirmed during the bilateral meeting that NATO and the Slovak Republic will continue to work together to improve the readiness, deployment and interoperability of their armed forces," the Defense Ministry said.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported:

- On November 8, the new government of Slovakia did not approve the 14th package of military aid to Ukraine worth 40.3 million euros. This aid package was prepared by the former leadership of the Slovak Defense Ministry.

- Following the September elections, leftist leader Robert Fico became the country's prime minister. He and his Smer party took the lead in the election race with rhetoric about stopping aid to Ukraine, theses about "independent from the US and EU" policy, and protests against the expansion of transgender rights. He had previously served as prime minister three times, resigning in scandal in 2018.

- The day after his victory, Fico said he did not support military aid to our country.

- As a result, key departments in the Slovak cabinet were headed by officials who also oppose further military support for Kyiv.

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