Shuddering windows: explosions in Sevastopol in the morning, the Russian invaders complained about the attack of naval drones. Video

Temporarily occupied Sevastopol reported on "cotton"

In the morning of March 22, explosions occurred in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol. Eyewitnesses reported that the raid in Sevastopol Bay was blocked.

According to preliminary reports, loud sounds were heard over the center of Sevastopol. Russian propaganda Telegram channel reported on it(to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

Eyewitnesses report that the Sevastopol Bay raid was blocked off after the explosions. It is also noted that strong explosions were heard from the Southern and Northern breakwaters [hydrotechnical protective structure to protect the port water area from waves - ed.].

It is worth noting that the residents of the temporarily occupied peninsula have come up with the cause of the explosions and have already announced the alleged "air defense system operating." At the same time, the occupation "authorities" of Crimea have issued their own version of what happened.

Meanwhile, surveillance camera footage of the explosions in Sevastopol appeared online. The explosion was so strong the windows shook, and car alarms went off in the center of the occupied city.


Local chats discuss the explosions, noting that loud noises were heard not only in the center, but also in other districts of Sevastopol.

Also, the Crimean Telegram channels reporting that the occupiers closed the crossing across the bay in Sevastopol due to the threat of a UAV attack. It is also reported that containment booms at the entrance to Sevastopol Bay went off, which allegedly resulted in "a sea drone being stopped and then destroyed.

Russian propagandists on social media wrote that naval drones were involved in the attack on Sevastopol. There were three naval drones in total, all of which were allegedly "detected and destroyed."

The so-called "governor of Sevastopol", Mikhail Razvozhayev, stated that the Russian terrorist state fleet "repulsed the attack of the surface drones." According to him, the drones tried to penetrate the bay, and the Russian invaders fired small arms at them. Also, the air defense operated on the aerial target.

Razvozhayev added that "the warships were not damaged," but the explosions "blew out the windows in the buildings on 2 Lenina Street and the Moscow House."

An unknown burning object was spotted in the area of Sevastopol Bay. At the same time, residents of the temporarily occupied city filmed the occupiers using small arms to try to shoot down an unknown flying object.



Recall that on the morning of March 18, explosions were heard in the temporarily occupied Crimea. A series of loud sounds were heard in some areas of Sevastopol. In addition, gunfire was heard in the city.

Earlier, it was reported that the Crimean peninsula, which Russia had turned into a huge military base over the years of occupation, was being intensively prepared for defense against a counterattack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

As OBOZREVATEL reported:

- Several explosions were heard in Dzhankoi in the evening of March 20. There, drones attacked the railroad, one of the supply routes of the Russian army. Explosions were also recorded near the military airbase.

- The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported that Russian Kalibr-NK cruise missiles were destroyed during the explosions in the Russian-occupied Dzhankoi.

- As a result of the drone attack, the locomotive depot, the train station security building, and the freight and fuel depots were damaged. The city was put into municipal emergency mode.

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