Russia's losses in the war against Ukraine have decreased, but it is not the success of the occupiers: British intelligence has given the reason

The losses of the occupiers in the war have decreased

In April 2023, the average daily war losses of the Russian occupation army decreased by 30% compared with the period from January to March. However, the reason for this trend is not the success of the invaders at the front.

Most likely due to the failure of the Russian winter offensive, they are now focused on preparing for the expected Ukrainian counteroffensive. This was stated in a British intelligence summary as of April 25, published on the Twitter of the British Ministry of Defense.

They noted that in January-March 2023, the occupants suffered exceptionally high losses on the battlefield. Figures published by the Ukrainian General Staff show a decrease in the average daily number of Russian casualties from 776 in March to 568 in April. Intelligence indicated that they could not verify Ukraine's counting methodology, but the overall trend is likely accurate.


We recall: according to the General Staff of the AFU, over the past 24 hours, the defenders of Ukraine eliminated 690 servicemen and mercenaries of the Russian Armed Forces in different directions of the front . Since the start of a full-scale war, 187,770 soldiers and officers have joined the ranks of the "two-hundredths" in the army of the aggressor Russian Federation.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Russian occupant, who serves in the 70th motorized rifle regiment of the Russian Federation, told about the huge losses of the "second army of the world", the "stupid" commands from the top leadership and the lack of not only good armaments, but also food and water. In a conversation with his wife, the Russian even wondered if he was on the right side;

- "The "bavovna", organized by Ukrainian partisans, attacked the occupants' checkpoint near Oleshky. A successful operation in the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region, which resulted in the elimination of a Russian Guard unit, was conducted by the patriots of the Atesh organization.

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