Russian media: occupiers' relatives complain that their loved ones are being used as "meat" to capture Avdiivka before Putin's press conference

Putin is in a hurry to capture Avdiivka
Putin is in a hurry to capture Avdiivka

More than 100 relatives of the occupiers complained to dictator Vladimir Putin about "signs of deliberate extermination" of the mobilized in the area of Avdiivka, Donetsk region of Ukraine. They say that the leadership is in a hurry to capture the city before the press conference of the Russian President (the so-called direct line, scheduled for December 14) and the New Year 2024.

A letter to the President of Russia was sent by the families of the soldiers of the 95411 military unit (Western Military District). This was reported by Istories-media.

The mobilized live in trenches about 700 meters from Avdiivka under constant shelling. After the beginning of the active phase of the Russian offensive in November, even occupants with injuries (mild and moderate) began to be sent to assault.

The wife of one of the occupiers told reporters that the "DPR" command "does not spare the DPR soldiers at all: they collect the remnants and then go on to attack again."

"They are in a hurry while [Ukrainians] are at odds, they are pushing towards [Putin's] direct line and the New Year. They need some kind of result. Everyone around us says that we will take Avdiivka, and then we will negotiate," the woman told Istories-media.

The Russians cry that most of the invaders, the stormtroopers, were not on vacation at all. The assault brigades near Avdiivka are mostly made up of soldiers over 40 years old.

"We are telling Putin to count the personnel: how many are actually available, not according to military cards and what is in the reports. My husband says they are walking on corpses there, everything is just littered with them," said the wife of a Russian soldier who invaded Ukraine.

Avdiivka on the map

As OBOZ.UA wrote:

- All children have been evacuated from the city of Avdiivka, which is being wiped off the map and is being captured by Russian troops. There was a 12-year-old boy whose parents were hiding the child from evacuation until recently. This lasted for four months, but on December 5, it became known that the family had left the city.

- Earlier, the UK Ministry of Defense shared a video of Ukrainian Avdiivka. The ministry noted that the city is now almost empty.

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