Russian elites shift from criticizing the war in Ukraine to supporting it: ISW points out an important detail

Dictator Vladimir Putin

Russia's so-called elites have "shifted from criticizing Russia's war effort in Ukraine to supporting it." They "assess that Russia is prevailing."

However, in reality, Russian elites have sided with dictator Putin after the intensification of repression. This is stated in the analysis of the Institute for War Studies.

Mikhail Zygar, a Russian opposition journalist and founder of the local TV channel Rain, said in a Foreign Affairs article that many members of the Russian elite who opposed the war in 2022 began to support it. He argued that they are taking into account "Russia's slow but steady successes on the battlefield, Ukraine's lagging ammunition supply, and the likely reduction of Western security assistance to Ukraine."

Zygar said that Russian elites have even begun to speculate about the outcome of the war, which would mean a Russian victory. One unnamed Russian oligarch, who had previously criticized the war, allegedly stated that "Russia must win the war, otherwise they will not allow us to live and Russia will fall."

The ISW noted that it was impossible to independently verify any of Zygar's statements. At the same time, analysts emphasized that the elites sided with dictator Vladimir Putin in support of the war after the crackdown on the Russian elite intensified.

The information that Russian elites now assess that Russia can win on the battlefield and even discuss victory indicates that elites may also support Putin's stated theory of victory. It argues that the occupiers will be able to continue their gradual advance indefinitely, prevent operationally significant Ukrainian counteroffensives, and eventually win a war of attrition.

As a reminder, the Kremlin's nuclear rhetoric is aimed at preventing further Western support for Ukraine and undermining the international community's efforts to agree on a strategic vision.

Earlier, it was reported that Russia is not interested in negotiating in good faith and only pretends to do so in specific cases as part of a broader information campaign against Ukraine that would affect its partners.

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