Russian aviation dropped the bombs on Shebekino instead of Vovchansk. Photo

Damage on Mashinobudivnykiv Street in Shebekino
Damage on Mashinobudivnykiv Street in Shebekino. Source: RosZmі

In two days (May 17 and 18), the aircraft of the aggressor country Russia "dropped " four aircraft bombs in the Shebekino area of the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation. One of them damaged the facade of a residential building.

On May 17, the occupiers' aircraft bombing the north of the Kharkiv region of Ukraine (including Vovchansk) "lost" three air force bases at once. The ASTRA project provided details.

City Shebekino (Russian Federation) on the map

The FAB-500 was found near a house on Rzhevskoye Highway, no one was injured and there was no damage. However, the munition (as of May 20) has not been removed for destruction.

FAB-250 fell in the village of Batratskaya Dacha in the suburbs of Shebekino. The bomb was defused, and there were no casualties.

On the same day, another FAB-500 was found on MashinostroiteleyStreet in Shebekino, near house number 27. The local residents' house facade, fence, and windows were damaged by Russian aviation.


The head of the district, Vladimir Zhdanov, had to admit the last fact of the bomb falling. However, he called the FAB-500 an "explosive object".

"Thanks to the coordinated work of the operational services, we managed to remove the explosive object without any consequences. The construction organization has already started inspecting the damaged property, and as soon as the list of works is determined, they will start restoring it," the official justified.

Russian aviation dropped the bombs on Shebekino instead of Vovchansk. Photo

The fourth bomb in two days was dropped on the Shebekino urban district by the Russian Aerospace Forces on May 18, ASTRA sources said. The FAB-500 was found in Novaya Tavolzhanka. There were no casualties or damage.

According to ASTRA estimates, over the past three months, Russian aircraft have already dropped 50 FABs on their regions and the occupied territories of Ukraine.

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