Russian army command hides heavy losses in the war in Ukraine: they do not want to pay compensation. Interception

Russia's losses in Ukraine are growing every day

The command of the Russian terrorist state is concealing the occupiers' losses in the war against Ukraine. The reason is cynical - the unwillingness to pay compensation to the families of the victims.

One of the invaders told his wife about this in a telephone conversation intercepted by the hacker group Frontline Conversations of the Occupiers. The Russian explained that it was for this purpose that the Russian authorities had deployed a whole network of crematoria and cryochambers.

"Here, when guys get lost or die, and in order to avoid paying money, they do this to f...k up people. They just f.... throw people away or burn them. Mother, the refrigerators here are overloaded with people, there is nowhere to put them, they just... We have a cryo-chamber at the exit beyond the tape, where people are f... burned for no reason," the Russian cried.

According to him, the missing person can be recognized as dead only in ten years.

"When the f*cking state changes, and the government, and everything else, and the laws, then they will pay. Although it's unlikely...", the occupier added.

As a reminder, the mother of one of the Storm Z militants complained that the Russian military command throws units formed of ex-prisoners into the hottest spots, using them as "meat". And the wounded and dead of the "storms" are forbidden to be evacuated from the battlefield.

For two months now, a Russian woman has been unable to get either information or the body of her dead son for burial from the command.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- The occupiers continue to complain about the harsh conditions and lack of supplies at the front. "Good" Russians send them boots to support them, but not to keep them warm, but to fight mice.

- On November 21, Ukrainian soldiers hit an enemy command post near Oleshky Sands. The Ukrainian military showed footage of the aftermath of the "cotton" shot by a drone.

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