Russian air defense is increasingly shooting down its aircraft in the occupied Crimea: Atesh discloses details

A Russian Su-27

Russian occupiers have increasingly started shooting down their aircraft over the temporarily occupied Crimea. The reason for the "friendly fire" of Russian air defense was the growing tension due to Ukraine's constant attacks on Russian military facilities on the peninsula.

Fearing the next "cotton", the Russian command ordered the commanders of air defense calculations to respond to any threats – despite the fact that the Russian "friend or foe" recognition system has problems. This was stated by the Atesh military movement of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars.

"Agents of the Atesh movement report that tension is growing among the occupiers in Crimea due to constant missile attacks and UAV raids that threaten military facilities. Top military authorities have ordered air defense commanders to shoot down threats despite problems with the target detection and recognition system. "One's own is another's". However, faced with constant missile attacks and UAV raids, air defense commanders are forced to conduct targeting in a virtually manual mode. This often results in strikes on their air targets," the statement said.

Thus, the 12th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment of the 31st Air Defense Division of the Russian Federation has been particularly active in this area: over the past few weeks, it has shot down two military aircraft of the Russian occupiers.

On March 28, the Pantsyr air defense missile regiment of this anti-aircraft missile regiment sent a Russian Su-27 fighter jet into "perpetual flight."

"The air defense system was deployed in the Inkerman Bay area in Sevastopol," Atesh specified.

And on April 10, another Pantsyr unit stationed near the Saki airbase was shot down by a Mi-24 helicopter on the western coast of Crimea.

"The units responsible for such incidents continue to serve and are not penalized. The Russian leadership is taking into account the above-mentioned problems. A natural question arises: is it possible that Russian air defense systems shoot down Russian aircraft on purpose or out of impunity? Could they be doing it to fight racism or to get a good bonus?" Atesh noted.

Earlier, on April 16, it became known that the SBU had hit a $100 million radar in the Bryansk region. It controlled the sky 700 kilometers into Ukraine. It was a modernized Nebo-U complex that helped to detect Ukrainian weapons and supported Russian bombers launching KABs.

The $100 million facility was hit by seven kamikaze drones, and "probably turned into a colander" after the attack.

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