Russia to start implementing a three-tiered plan to destabilize Ukraine already in May: DIU names its components

Vadym Skibitskyi spoke about Russia's plan to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. Source: KyivPost

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine predicts that the aggressor country Russia will try to implement a plan to destabilize the situation in our country, which consists of three levels, in May. This plan includes a military part (the advantage of the occupiers on the battlefield), a disinformation campaign against Kyiv, and attempts to isolate the country in the international arena.

This was stated by Vadym Skibitskyi, Deputy Chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, in an interview with The Economist. According to him, May will be a key month for the enemy's plan, and the main part of this plan concerns the situation on the battlefield.

According to Skibitskyi, it will take weeks for the Ukrainian Defense Forces to receive military aid from the United States, which was approved by Congress after many months of waiting. Even this aid, according to the representative of the DIU, is unlikely to equalize Ukraine's potential with Russian stockpiles of shells or provide effective defense against Russian guided aerial bombs.

The second part of the Russian plan is a disinformation campaign. It will be aimed at undermining the mobilization in Ukraine and the political legitimacy of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, whose presidential term conditionally expires on May 20.

The third part of the plan, according to the deputy head of the DIU, is Russia's campaign to isolate Ukraine internationally. "They will add fuel to the fire as much as they can," he said.

As reported, according to Skibitskyi, Russia may be preparing to attack two regions of Ukraine in late May or early June. In particular, we are talking about Kharkiv and Sumy regions.

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