Russia may lose half a million troops in Ukraine by the end of the year: German general predicts

Russian losses may increase significantly in 2024

The Russian army's losses in manpower could reach half a million soldiers by the end of 2024. This may be the price of the occupiers' seizure of several kilometers of territory, which cannot be considered a military success.

This was stated by the head of the Situation Center for Ukraine at the German Ministry of Defense, Christian Freuding, DW reports. As for the loss of equipment, he estimated it at four figures.

According to him, over the course of almost two years of war, the quality of the Russian armed forces' personnel has significantly decreased.

"The modern Russian armed forces have been virtually destroyed. There are no more well-trained troops, entire divisions have been destroyed," Freuding said.

He expressed his belief that Russia will not be able to launch a significant offensive in the near future.

Regarding the state of Ukrainian troops, Freuding points out that Ukraine's air defense successfully intercepts 80% of Russian air attacks, including effective repulsion of the most advanced Kinzhal missiles.

Ukraine's armed forces are demonstrating the ability to conduct more precise long-range strikes against Russian forces, including in annexed Crimea. The Russian Navy was forced to leave Sevastopol, and Ukrainian drones can penetrate as far as Moscow. The major general also noted that Ukrainian troops can effectively conduct defensive battles while maintaining a high level of mobility.

Earlier, British intelligence reported that Russia's losses in equipment and manpower in the war against Ukraine have increased in recent days. In just 5 days, Russia's losses of military equipment increased by 88%.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, soldiers of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine destroyed a costly Russian anti-aircraft missile system. With a precise strike, the defenders turned the Tor air defense system into scrap. It is worth noting that the occupants tried to shoot down a Ukrainian drone with a missile from the Tor, but missed.

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