Russia launched 18 cruise missiles at Ukraine, 15 were shot down by air defense forces

Ukrainian Air Defense Forces shot down 15 more Russian missiles

On the morning of May 1, the aggressor country Russia launched another air attack against Ukraine using cruise missiles. Ukrainian air defense forces defeated 15 of 18 of these enemy targets.

This was reported by the commander-in-chief of the AFU Valery Zaluzhny in the Telegram channel. It is known that the attack continued from 02:30 on Monday night, and the air alarm "covered" the entire country at 03:42.

It is noted that the aggressor attacked Ukraine from strategic aircraft. In particular, Russia lifted into the sky nine of its Tu-95s from the Olenegorsk district (Murmansk Region of the Russian Federation). Two more Tu-160s with missiles flew from the Caspian Sea area.

The enemy fired a total of 18 air-launched cruise missiles X-101/Kh-555. The air defense forces of the AFU Air Force destroyed 15 of them.


"Hold the sky! Together to victory!" - Zaluzhnyi added.

Recall: during an air alert across Ukraine on May 1, associated with another Russian attack, around 04:50, the first explosions occurred in Kyiv. As a result, air defense forces shot down all enemy missiles and drones as they approached the capital. There was no information about casualties or destruction. At the same time, explosions were also reported in Dnipro.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, on April 28, the defenders of the Ukrainian sky shot down 21 Russian cruise missiles and two drones, with which Russia attacked several regions. In total, the enemy carried out 23 launches of missiles of different basing, the strikes in Uman and Dnipro resulted in the deaths of many people.

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