"Russia does not have the resources to fight a long war": former Aidar battalion company commander on the systemic problems in the terrorist country. Video

Loss of equipment proved to be a weak point of the enemy

The former company commander of the Aidar battalion, Yevhen Dykyi, commented on the information about Russia's alleged plans to fight in Ukraine for another five years. According to the military, the army of the aggressor country will not be able to conduct hostilities of the same intensity as in 2023.

In particular, on OBOZ TV, Yevhen Dykyi noted that the duration of Russia's war against Ukraine will depend on how intense the war will be. After all, over the past year, hostilities have cost Moscow a lot.

"I don't see such intensity as in 2023, not even close. A war of this intensity was extremely expensive for the Russians. Both in terms of people and, most of all, even in terms of equipment," Yevhen said.

He added that Russia does have a considerable mobilization resource and that the quality of mobilization changes with each new wave.

"They conditionally believe that they have an unlimited mobilization resource, although this is not entirely true because with each new wave of mobilization, the quality changes. It is possible to recruit cannon fodder, the Gulag alone can provide as much as it needs, but you cannot recruit military specialists, technicians, commanders of various units as they are destroyed too," Dykyi explained.

At the same time, the military noted that the enemy's weak point was the loss of military equipment.

"For the sake of simplicity, we assume that they have an infinite resource of people, but the weak point was not meat but iron. They have big problems with tanks, of which their entire defense industry can supply up to 70 per month. And again, only 20 of them are new, and 50 are taken from the warehouses, and these warehouses are melting, and melting, and melting. ...As of August, 40% of the vehicles have already left these warehouses. That is, in a year and a half of war, we have destroyed all the tanks that were in service at the beginning of the aggression and 40% of the allegedly unmeasured stocks that the Soviet Union had stored for World War III," the ex-commander said.

Yevhen Dykyi also said that the occupiers had to replenish the losses of tanks with more and more old armored vehicles.

"The 72s (T-72s - Ed.) are already running out, T-62s are now being actively used in the ranks, and T-55s are already starting to arrive to replace them. And let me remind you that in terms of a Soviet tank, this index means the year a tank was put into service. That is, the T-70s have already run out, the 60s are now actively burning, and the 60s are coming to replace them. We are calmly waiting for the T-34s that our grandfathers used," the defender said.

As for other armored vehicles, the situation is obviously even worse, he added.

"When you see a motorized 'sled' with a gun turret cut off from a ship and welded onto it, this reminds you of the siege of Leningrad. This is actually a very good indicator of what they have in terms of iron," Yevhen Dykyi believes.

Russia currently has 4 million shells in its warehouses, producing about 1 million 100 more per year, which will be enough for the occupation forces for only six months.

"Given the accuracy of Soviet shells, to achieve any effect, you need to cover an area with shells entirely. And as a result... as of August of this year, they have fired 12 million shells in a year and a half. Thus, the 4 million that remained in the warehouses, plus another million that their defense industry will produce in a year, is not even for a full year, it is for six months if you fight like they do," the military explained.

Yevhen Dykyi added that Russia has received another million shells from North Korea, but their quality is in question.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, earlier, the Japanese newspaper Nikkei Asia wrote that Putin, during a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, allegedly told him that Russia was ready to fight Ukraine for another five years and tried to convince him that he would eventually win. Thus, reports about Putin's alleged "intentions" to cease fire cannot be taken at face value, while Xi himself "harbors a grudge" against the Russian president because he did not warn him about the invasion of Ukraine, the newspaper writes.

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