Rare moments of silence: the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed how soldiers rest between battles. Photo.

General Staff shows how Ukrainian soldiers rest during moments of silence at the front

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have been holding back a large-scale enemy offensive since February 24, 2022. Since then, for more than a year, Russia has not stopped shelling Ukraine for a single day.

Therefore, moments of silence at the front are especially valuable for Ukrainian soldiers. This was stated by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

For some, rest means a cosy time under a blanket with aromatic tea, while others prefer travelling. For Ukrainian soldiers, rest comes when the enemy fire stops.

"But for Ukrainian soldiers, it (rest - Ed.) is associated with moments of silence. When you can just have a smoke or call your family, joke with your comrades and laugh heartily at the "bearded" or fresh jokes and the clumsy enemy. And the only dream at that moment is that the silence would not end as long as the cigarette smokes and the joke continues," the General Staff wrote.


Earlier, the General Staff showed how the Territorial Defence soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are training. The soldiers are going through various obstacle courses, where they are learning combat tactics and practising with weapons.

The General Staff also reported that the Russians are winding down the occupation administration in Skadovsk: evacuation is being carried out by sea. Thus, by the morning of May 7, a significant part of the occupation administration left the city with their families.

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