"Putin wants a picture of victory": historian explains why Russia will not attack NATO countries

Putin and NATO
Russia's threat to NATO. Source: Atlantic Council

The Russian Federation is unlikely to allow NATO to be drawn into the war. This is not beneficial to the Kremlin because then the occupying army will not have a chance to create a "picture of victory."

Andreas Umland, PhD in History and Political Science, shared his opinion. The analyst at the Stockholm Center for Eastern European Studies commented on the current situation on the OBOZ.Talk project.

When it came to the question of the West's prohibition to use their weapons to strike deep into Russia, the German political scientist explained that the population of the partner states is really afraid of escalation. For example, German opinion polls show this. The situation is probably the same in the United States.

"Although in reality... [Vladimir] Putin wants to win some kind of 'victory' here, a picture of 'victory'. That is why he will not expand this war to NATO," the expert emphasized.

Because the Kremlin realizes that they will have no chance if the North Atlantic Alliance is directly involved in the war. "That's why I don't think he [Putin] will do it," Umland said.

Andreas Umland

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