"Putin must lose, otherwise the freedom of the democratic world will suffer." Zelensky names Russia's real goal

The President named the Kremlin's real goals

President Volodymyr Zelensky has stated that the real goal of the Russian Federation is not so much the seizure of sovereign Ukraine as the destruction of democracy and stability throughout the free world. The war that dictator Vladimir Putin has unleashed in our country is just a stepping stone on the way to achieving his barbaric plans.

These are the words of the Ukrainian guarantor, which he spoke at the US National Defense University, Ukrinform reports. The Kremlin's ideas are a dictatorship with elements of a market economy.

"Putin is at war with Ukraine, but in reality he is opposed to the entire free and united Europe. He is destroying ordinary life in Ukrainian cities, but his real goal is the freedom that people have from Warsaw to Chicago to Yokohama," the head of state emphasized.

Zelensky noted that all the debates and disagreements among Americans about further assistance to Ukraine in the war against the invaders cause the Russian elite to be happy and inspired. It is the responsibility of the West to ensure that Putin does not even think that he can win over democracy and human rights.

"People like Putin and his sick clique should not even hope to win freedom. And we can show our children and grandchildren what true confidence is," the leader of the Ukrainian people said.

As a reminder, Zelensky's visit to the United States will end with a meeting of senators in Congress. He will present arguments in favor of the need to liberate Ukrainian territories from Russian occupiers and call on Washington to more actively assist the army of the Defense Forces in decisive battles.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the Ukrainian guarantor once again emphasized that negotiations with Putin are out of the question. And it's not about unreasonable principle, but about the fact that the Kremlin does not need peace, it will use any pause as an opportunity to build up its military power.

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