"Possible spot strikes": Gumenyuk talks about the preparation of Russian troops for a new missile attack

The threat of blows persists

Russia is preparing for possible missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine, in particular spot strikes. This is evidenced by the number of enemy missile launchers on duty in the Black Sea.

Natalya Gumenyuk, head of the United Coordinating Press Center of the Defense Forces in the south of Ukraine, announced this during a national telemarathon. She explained that the type of attack would depend on the tactics chosen by the command of the aggressor country.

According to Gumenyuk, the Russians have already realized that massive attacks do not produce the result they expect and are costly. That is why, according to her, it is more likely that these will be spot strikes, as recently in the Kremenchug district of the Poltava region.

A spokeswoman for the southern defense forces explained that in case of such attacks, the occupiers airlift aircraft and keep sea-launchers on standby in order to confuse the Ukrainian air defense system. She urged Ukrainians not to ignore air raids.

We shall remind you: the day before the spokesman of the AFU Yuriy Ignat said that the occupiers use 30-40 missiles every day to strike the territory of Ukraine. The enemy uses all methods of reconnaissance - radar, agency, air and space - to determine targets. He warned that the danger of missile attacks remains constant, Ukrainians should be conscious of air-raid alarms.

As reported OBOZREVATEL:

- Ignat earlier said that the protection of the Ukrainian sky began to strengthen very powerful things. Our Air Force, in particular, expects the delivery of additional batteries and missiles to NASAMS, SAM Patriot and SAMP/T, capable of shooting down ballistic missiles;

- the day before, it was reported that there were three Russian missile launchers in the Black Sea. They are equipped with 16 Kalibr cruise missiles.

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