Poland unmasked a network of Russian agents who were going to blow up trains with weapons and humanitarian aid for Ukraine - mass media

The largest Russian intelligence network was dismantled in Poland

The largest Russian intelligence network in the country's history has been uncovered in Poland. It is known that among other targets, Russian agents planned to carry out sabotage on the railroad against trains carrying weapons and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

This is reported by Gazeta Polska. According to the newspaper, among the 66 volumes of the investigation materials there are indications that the suspected members of the network planned to blow up trains carrying these goods to Ukraine.

The very fact that such attacks could be carried out directly probably led the Polish security services to start arresting people involved in this network.

"For this reason, the first arrests were at that particular time and not some other. The risk of attacks was too great to continue to monitor the group's activities," an anonymous interlocutor familiar with the case file told the paper.

According to information obtained by the publication's journalists, the agent network discovered in Poland is considered quite "young", as it was created in early 2023.

According to the report, the agents had a direct connection with Moscow and received instructions from this source, receiving payment for their actions, mostly in cryptocurrency.

The dismantled agent network is considered the largest in Poland's history in modern times.

Recall that earlier the media told about the spy network of the Russian Federation in Europe, which involved dozens of diplomats. In total, the journalists have already identified 39 people who work or have worked in Russian embassies in the Nordic countries. Most of them have already left the countries where they worked, but at least 13 still hold positions in the embassies.

Recall that Germany has decided to expel Russian diplomats en masse. Moscow said it would take mirror measures in such a case.

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