"Permissible under international law": Austrian Chancellor sets the record straight on Ukraine's strikes on Russian territory

Austrian Chancellor says Ukraine's attacks on Russian territory are permissible. Source: Alamy

Austrian Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer has stated that Ukraine's attacks on Russian territory are permissible under international law. In this way, he disavowed the statements of the country's Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner, who claimed that Kyiv's allies had "crossed a red line" by permitting it.

Nehammer said this in an interview with the Swiss media outlet NZZ. "This discussion is heading in the wrong direction politically, and it is a pity that the emphasis is being placed in this way. Under international law, such attacks on Russia are permissible," he emphasized.

The politician emphasized that if Russia stops its aggression, the West's military assistance to Ukraine will "automatically decrease." However, if the Europeans give in now, it may encourage the Russian occupiers to go even further than they are already doing.

The chancellor emphasized that the EU "stands unitedly on the side of Ukraine because Russia cannot wage war in Europe to change borders." He also added that Austria, although a neutral country, as an EU member supports the common foreign and security policy of the Union and "demonstrates solidarity when it comes to sanctions and money for Ukraine."

"We do not provide military assistance ourselves. But Austria recognizes that other countries do so so that Ukraine can defend itself. Our neutrality can be preserved only if we defend it," said Nehammer.

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