Pentagon spokesman answers whether Ukraine can use ATACMS to strike Russian territory

Ukraine can use ATACMS missiles exclusively on its territory

The U.S. Department of Defense has stated that the Ukrainian Defense Forces can use ATACMS missiles only within Ukraine. They also did not specify the number of missiles transferred to our country.

This was stated by Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder during a briefing, the US Department of Defense reports. He noted that the supply of long-range missiles was backed by guarantees from Ukraine that they would not be used to strike Russian territory.

"I can't go into details about the number of ATACMS we have provided, but like all other systems and equipment we have provided to Ukraine, it is done with guarantees that it will be used within the sovereign territory of Ukraine to retake and defend sovereign Ukrainian territory," the spokesman emphasized.

Patrick Ryder noted that the Pentagon is going to continue consultations with Ukraine and other partner countries to make sure that the Armed Forces have everything they need to defend against Russian attacks.

As OBOZ.UA reported, the American-made ATACMS missiles that Ukraine recently received can take out entire helicopter landing sites and cut off supply lines. But there are several things these missiles cannot do like the destruction of the most protected combat vehicles and tanks.

As a reminder, on the night of October 17, the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked the occupiers' helicopters and airfield equipment near Luhansk and Berdiansk. The invaders concentrated aircraft there, which were used to attack Ukrainian soldiers on the front line.

It later became known that the extremely effective strikes were carried out with the help of American ATACMS missiles, the delivery of which was not officially reported. However, on the evening of October 17, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that Ukraine had used long-range missiles from the United States.

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