Why blush is applied to the chin: an unexpected life hack

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Life hacks for makeup. Source: Created with the help of AI

Makeup can emphasize natural beauty and hide some imperfections. Professional makeup artists often resort to secret tricks, such as applying blush to the chin.

This can balance the face and visually give the skin a harmonious glow. Makeup artist Mallory Osses explained the benefits of such makeup.

This method of applying makeup is ideal for those with an elongated face shape.

  1. Take a fluffy round brush and apply a little blush to your chin. You can use your favorite foundation or primer beforehand.
  2. Add blush to the nose to balance the effect.
  3. Visually, blush will shorten the chin and create a more harmoniously proportioned face.

As an alternative to blush, you can use a matte bronzer or contour.

This life hack is suitable for those who have an elongated or oval face shape, as well as a chin that protrudes forward.

Blush softens and fills in the empty space that draws too much attention to the features of the chin.

By the way, to create an attractive and radiant makeup, some makeup artists advise using regular lipstick instead of blush: they say that it is more economical and the color saturation is better. However, you should avoid using lipstick as a blush, as this life hack has a bad effect on the skin.

Dermatologists warn that using lip products on other parts of the face can lead to various side effects, including irritation, rashes, and allergic reactions.

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