Who will have the hottest romance of their lives in 2024: horoscope

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Some zodiac signs will soon start a new chapter in their love story. They will have life-changing meetings, romantic dates, exciting travels, and passionate discoveries. Pluto, the planet of transformation, will be in rebellious Aquarius until September 1. This astrological transit will help you to move away from the usual standards in relationships and spice up your daily routine.

Saturn, the planet of devotion, continues to move through empathetic Pisces, sending a message that self work and self-healing are a prerequisite for fulfilling long-term relationships. Astrologers say that some signs are in for the hottest romance of their lives.


Get ready for a new stage in your life: dramatic changes are ahead. Astrologers predict that the upheaval will take place closer to the fall, most likely in early October.

Mercury retrograde this year will also prove useful for self-reflection and rethinking your love life, especially as it travels back through your fifth house of romance and self-expression from August 12-28. Careful inner work on traumas can ultimately lead you exactly where you want to be.


You will have the opportunity to feel a deep connection with a very special person. This will be your soul mate. Your partner will understand you literally from the word go. An important milestone in the year was the date of April 20, when Jupiter, the planet of luck, and Uranus, the planet of change, met in your sign for the first time since 2011. This marked the beginning of a whole new optimistic era in the history of love.

Innovative decisions are likely, such as starting a family business, planning long-distance travel, or moving.


You will be moving through uncharted terrain thanks to significant planetary shifts that illuminate your fifth house of romance, eleventh house of long-term desires, and first house of self-awareness. Being true to yourself is key to meeting a partner who supports your values and aspirations.

The year 2024 will also be marked by an expansive move of Jupiter into your sign, something that hasn't happened since 2012-2013. This transit will definitely make you even more attractive and magnetic. Life-changing meetings and romantic encounters are ahead.


Although you tend to be a bit of a homebody, preferring lonely evenings, your love horoscope in 2024 will be quite intense. This is partly due to the fact that a new series of eclipses begins, which will activate your ninth house of adventure. This sector of your chart has been in the spotlight recently in a very different way: Saturn has been there since last spring, demanding that you find more clarity about your ideals and spiritual aspirations.

And around September 17, when the lunar eclipse reaches your ninth house, you'll feel like it's finally time to spread your wings and start a new chapter in your love story. The period around your birthday, particularly from June 16 to July 11, is also a great time to meet new people.


The year began with the influence of Mercury, which completed its retrograde journey in your fifth house of romance and self-expression. This allowed you to use your creative impulses to feel more emotionally fulfilled.

This year you will have several crucial periods for important decisions: from July 2 to 25, August 12 to September 9, and August 12 to 28. Married Leos may think about adding to the family, and single people will start a passionate romance.


Your love horoscope for 2024 predicts major changes, as well as increased self-awareness and relationship development. Saturn, the planet of commitment and boundaries, has been moving through your seventh house of partnership since last spring, bringing more structure to this part of your life.

You'll be able to more clearly define who you're committing your time and energy to and how much of a commitment those relationships are. Around September 17, when the lunar eclipse falls in your seventh house, you will become even more aware of the dynamics in close relationships. Some people may have to go through a difficult period of separation.


An era of change and transformation is ahead. Most of the game-changing eclipses of 2024 will fall in your sign or seventh house of partnership. This will make you feel strong and ready to make significant changes. We're talking about life-changing decisions like marriage or having children.

It's time to take on more responsibility and start a new phase in your life. The most favorable period of the year will be from August 29 to September 22, when Venus moves through your sign.


This year's focus will be on romance and love, thanks to significant planetary activity in these sectors of your chart. Saturn, the planet of commitment and restriction, has been in your fifth house of romance and self-expression since last year, encouraging you to seek stability in your relationships.

If you're single, it may feel like you're in the midst of some hard life lessons. Working on self-esteem and your own ego is also a major theme right now.


Changes in your life will inspire you to put all your efforts into creative work. At the same time, the desire for independence and adventure will subside somewhat. You'll want stability, confidence, and a reliable shoulder to stand on.

Jupiter, your ruling planet, is also making a major transition that will affect your love life this year. Starting on May 25, the planet of abundance will move through your seventh house of partnership, which could lead to life-changing proposals and decisions.


By nature, you seek structure and stability above all else. This year, however, you will be more inclined to emphasize playfulness, fun, and spontaneity - you may even find new ways to be creative and take a break from work to pay more attention to your partner.

Summer, and especially the period from June 16 to July 11, will bring many vivid impressions and romantic events.


This year, astrologers advise you to listen to your intuition more. If you are single and hoping to meet someone special, luck will be on your side. Try to attend various events more often. Jupiter will move through your fifth house of romance and self-expression starting on May 25 and lasting for about a year. This is an ideal time for flirting, meeting, dating, and romantic relationships.

Also, 2024 will be favorable for pregnancy, adoption, and all other aspects related to children.


The year will be full of inspiration and emotions. First of all, you need to heal from previous traumatic relationships.

Around September 17, during the eclipses in your first house of self-awareness, a new story will begin. This can be a very emotional moment that will trigger unexpected changes. In any case, trust that this eclipse serves the main goal you need to achieve.

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