Only those who have given their consent are mobilized: Minister of Justice explains what units the prisoners will serve in

Minister of Justice explains what units the prisoners will serve in

The convicts who were voluntarily mobilized to the Armed Forces of Ukraine will serve in assault units. However, they are not yet participating in hostilities.

This was stated by the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denys Maliuska during a TV marathon on Monday, May 27. He said that they are currently undergoing training.

"As of now, these will be assault units. These will be units that so far consist only of people who have served their sentences. That is, these are monolithic units without other military personnel," the head of the Ministry of Justice noted.

At the same time, Maliuska admitted that in the future, convicts may be mixed with ordinary military personnel. According to the minister, 613 prisoners have already joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and serve in separate assault units composed only of convicts.

Earlier, the minister said that almost 350 prisoners have already been granted parole for mobilization to the army in Ukraine. About 20 thousand more people, including those in pre-trial detention centers, can join the ranks of the Defense Forces.

As a reminder, on May 24, 2024, less than a week after President Zelenskyy signed the law on the mobilization of convicts, Ukrainian courts began considering applications for parole from the penitentiary service. Three thousand prisoners are already known to have expressed a desire to defend the country, and the process is gaining momentum.

As reported, on May 17, 2024, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a law allowing convicts to fight at the front. Russian propagandists have been reporting that Ukraine is allegedly copying the experience of the Russian Federation.

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