Occupiers hit Ternopil, fire broke out at the arrival site: there are victims

On Saturday evening, May 13, an air alert was declared for almost the entire territory of Ukraine because of the threat of a Russian strike. After that, explosions broke out in Ternopil and the Ternopil region, and there is a hit in an industrial zone in the regional center.

The head of the Ternopil OVA Vitaly Trush wrote in Telegram that specialists are now working in the city and region. He added that two civilians were injured as a result of the shelling.

"Residents of Ternopil region, I urge not to publish photos and videos and not to comment on the direction of the possible sounds of the explosion," Trush wrote.

The head of the Ternopil regional council Mikhail Golovko wrote on Facebook that in Ternopil there is a preliminary arrival in the industrial zone. He also urged the residents of the region to stay in safe places.


The head of the Ternopil city council Sergey Nadal noted that a non-residential building in Ternopil caught fire as a result of the RF strike. Rescuers worked at the site.

Subsequently, Vitaly Trush wrote that two civilians tentatively received shrapnel wounds and burns. The victims are receiving the necessary assistance in hospitals. Both victims are employees of the company, who were hit by the blast wave.

The OVA also clarified that the warehouses hit by the occupants belong to commercial enterprises and religious organizations. The fire was still being repaired there. According to the regional administration, these premises were of no interest to the war.

"All night long there will be specialists on the scene. I ask all residents of the Ternopil region in no case to stay near the place of fire. I remind you - there is a curfew! We will provide more information after the specialists' conclusions," Trush wrote.

On the air of "We are Ukraine," he added that in Ternopil there is a risk that the fire will spread from the industrial premises to others. The warehouse, which is on fire, contains polymeric materials that ignite quickly.


As OBOZREVATEL reported:

- On May 13, the Russian Federation attacked Khmelnytschyna from the air - a series of explosions sounded in the region, and there is a flight on critical infrastructure. As a result of the actions of the aggressor up to 30 people were injured, in the regional center damaged residential houses and industrial, medical, and educational institutions.

- Ukrainian air defense forces shot down 17 of the 21 kamikaze drones launched by the Russian occupation army. The remaining four strike drones attacked the territory of the Khmelnytsky region.

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