New Russian army base has been built in Crimea to deploy a military unit from Ussuriysk. Photo

There used to be a farm there

A new supply base for the Russian invaders has appeared near Simferopol in the temporarily occupied Crimea. It is likely that the Russian army is increasing its presence on the peninsula.

This was reported by Schemes, a project of Radio Liberty. In particular, a new base has been spotted on the territory of Shyroke.

Judging by the Planet Labs satellite image, the base includes barracks, hundreds of trucks, SUVs, and tankers transporting fuel.

According to military experts who were shown the satellite images by journalists, this may indicate an increase in the presence of the Russian army in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

Schemes, having analysed the Planet Labs images, found that the deployment of the base in this place began in March 2023. Previously, there was a farm there.

It is noted that there is a railway station near the new occupiers' facility in Shyroke, and in the village of Hvardiyske, which is also nearby, there is an airfield where Su-24M bombers and Su-25 attack aircraft used in the war against Ukraine are based.

Schemes also identified a unit located in Shyroke. This is the 101st separate logistics brigade. The location of the military unit is the city of Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai, Russia.

In addition, the journalists managed to get in touch with 26-year-old Russian military man Kirill Bishkov, who was included in the Myrotvorets database. The occupier said that he was indeed serving in the 101st Brigade and was currently in the temporarily occupied Crimea.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the Russian occupiers continue to make the same mistakes. The enemy is again massively bringing its military equipment to the airfield, this time it is deployed near the village of Oktyabrske in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

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