"Negotiations are going on at different levels": Zelensky comments on the timing of long-range missiles delivery to Ukraine

Podoliak spoke about the prospects of Ukraine getting long-range missiles to strike deep into the occupiers' rear

Ukraine continues to negotiate with its Western allies on the transfer of long-range missiles to Ukrainian soldiers. It is possible that they could be in service with the Defense Forces in the near future.

At the same time, the production of Ukraine's own long-range weapons, both missiles and drones, is gaining momentum. Mykhailo Podoliak, Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said this in a commentary to Channel 24.

He is optimistic about the prospects for the transfer of long-range missiles by Western allies, which will allow more effective destruction of manpower, equipment and weapons of the Russian occupiers.

"Relevant negotiations are underway at various levels. They are extremely intense. The President is personally involved in this. I think that we will have long-range missiles in the near future - partner missiles," Podoliak said.

In addition, the representative of the Presidential Office emphasized, Ukraine's own production of long-range weapons is gaining momentum. Ukraine now produces both drones capable of covering long distances and certain missiles. So far, not enough of them are being produced, as Ukraine needs hundreds of missiles capable of hitting targets throughout the occupied part of Ukraine.

"Compared to the beginning of the war, we now have a completely re-equipped Ukrainian army. And this process continues," Podolyak emphasized.

Long-range missiles will allow Ukrainian soldiers to significantly reduce the combat capability of the occupation army through devastating attacks on the invaders' rear infrastructure and transportation hubs, which will affect the enemy's ability to bring reserves and resources to the front line.

At the same time, according to the advisor to the head of the Presidential Administration, Bankova Street expects the allies to provide Ukraine with all types of weapons, including long-range missiles in sufficient quantities.

So far, the process has been slow for several reasons. One of them, Podolyak believes, is the West's disbelief that Ukraine will be able to effectively resist the aggressor for 19 months.

The lack of past cooperation between Ukraine and Western countries in military technology was also a slowing factor. After all, the Ukrainian army used to use mostly old Soviet-made equipment. The transition to NATO standards is only being actively pursued now, in the face of full-scale aggression.

In addition, Podoliak believes that Western partners hesitate for a long time before making decisions on the transfer of certain weapons to the Ukrainian army, mainly because of fears that Ukrainian soldiers will not be able to use them responsibly.

"Conservative thinking is about whether we can guarantee that these weapons will not be used on Russian territory. Of course, we can guarantee this, because we adhere to international norms, conventions, and the type of warfare. We are not Russia," said the advisor to the head of the OP.

In his opinion, the pace of arms supplies is affected by the "reformatting of the global political space," which, according to Podolyak, is to "put an end to the existence of Russia" in its current form.

He reminded that Russia has been financing certain programs and investing in integrating into the global economy for many years. Not least of all, the Kremlin has allocated funds for information programs and pro-Russian lobby networks in different countries, at different levels and markets. And the process of getting rid of this is complex and lengthy.

Earlier, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine said that Ukraine is testing various weapons, including long-range and high-precision weapons. They noted that when choosing weapons, Ukraine prefers modernity, technology, and the highest accuracy. And the weapons already being used for testing are of very high quality.

As the Main Directorate of Intelligence ironically noted, the aggressor country "should be pleased that the latest developments will fly to its territory."

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