NATO membership will be the most effective security guarantee for Ukraine: Danylov outlines challenges for 2024-25 in Halifax

Danilov Spoke at the Halifax Forum

Ukraine needs external security guarantees, the most effective of which is joining NATO. After the war, our country wants to take its rightful place in the new architecture of European and global security, in the transformation of the world order.

These were the words of Oleksii Danylov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, who addressed international partners at the International Security Forum in Halifax, Canada. An episode of the official's speech was published by the NSDC press service.

"At the same time, Kyiv is able to play the role of a responsible participant, a contributor (not a consumer), a reliable partner within the civilized world based on rules and democratic values. Ukraine should become a shining example of a high-tech country," Danilov said.

He is convinced that Ukraine's financial and socio-economic survival in 2024-2025 requires international and domestic mobilization of political elites. The Ukrainian government has stepped up its fight against corruption, efforts to create a favorable business climate, and military risk insurance.

"As a result, despite the war, Ukraine is already the subject of economic and investment interest from companies around the world. For example, the United States, Germany, Italy, and Turkey are already considering localizing their production facilities, primarily in the defense industry, in Ukraine," the NSDC Secretary summarized.

Speaking about Ukraine's accession to the European Union, Danylov pointed out that Kyiv is ready to make a number of compromises for this goal. This implies a radical transformation of our still rather Soviet country.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, according to Major General Marchenko, the Ukrainian army has developed standards in the course of a full-scale war that in some areas surpass NATO's armed forces. This applies to both the provision of soldiers' everyday needs and maneuvering during battles, and the Alliance allegedly does not include us in its ranks for other reasons.

"Let politicians answer these questions. On our part, on the part of the military, the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense in general, we have done everything to get us in. And as for the tactical level, other observer states are now coming to us and training with us," the military commander said.

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