Ministry of Defence hints when Ukraine may receive F-16: pilots are looking forward to training

Reznikov announces the creation of a "new reactive coalition"

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has hinted that modern American F-16 fighters will be defending Ukrainian skies in autumn. And the head of the ministry, Oleksiy Reznikov, announced the birth of a "new jet coalition".

The news of the delivery of combat aircraft to Ukraine was posted on the Ministry of Defence's Twitter account on May 20. "Expected this autumn! The biggest blockbuster of the Air Force of all time! F-16 in the skies of Ukraine! We will defend our sky!" - the post reads.


For his part, Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov announced the creation of a "new jet coalition".

"It looks like Santa Claus is real. A new jet coalition was born today!" - he wrote on Twitter.

The minister added that Ukrainian pilots are looking forward to training on F-16s:

"Now they will be able to support their brothers and sisters in arms on land and sea to win this war. F-16s were created to defeat the bad guys. Their time has come!"


As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- On May 19, US President Joe Biden announced support for allied efforts to train Ukrainian pilots on fourth-generation fighter jets. The training is likely to take place in Europe. The "fighter jet coalition" also includes Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, and France.

- The timing of when Kyiv will be able to receive the aircraft, as well as which countries will provide them, remains unclear.

- Moscow has threatened the West with "enormous risks" over the supply of F-16s to Ukraine.

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