Minefields and anti-tank moats: Nayev told how Ukraine is strengthening its northern border

Nayev spoke about the engineering of the Northern Operating Area
Nayev spoke about the engineering of the Northern Operating Area

As of May 17, the enemy is not ready to conduct offensive operations against Ukraine in the northern direction. However, given all possible scenarios, the mining of terrain, the creation of mined rubble, anti-tank trenches and other fortifications continues.

The commander of the Combined Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Sergei Naev, reported on Facebook about how the soldiers are fortifying our northern regions. He assured that the system of engineering fences plays a significant role in deterring the enemy. Defense lines are expanding and improving every day.

"Based on the likely nature of enemy actions, we are implementing a set of measures to ensure the readiness of the groupings of troops defending the Northern operating zone for any enemy action, starting from repulsion of air and missile strikes, as well as prevention of actions of his subversive forces," the lieutenant general said.

The system of mine and non-explosive barriers is being built up on the state border itself and in the depths of defense.

During the last ten days (May 7-16), anti-tank minefields and obstacles have been installed with more than 5,500 mines. Along the state border about 1.5 thousand meters of trenches and 3.5 thousand meters of anti-tank trenches were dug. Several dozens of blocked slots, shelters and firing positions for personnel, as well as firing positions for equipment, were equipped.

Ukrainian soldiers mined territories near the border
Map of the front line in Ukraine


- Earlier Naev said that the anti-aircraft defense of Kyiv is carried out on a multilevel echelon principle. This is not only anti-aircraft missile systems of small and medium action, but also mobile fire groups.

- On May 10, Lieutenant General Naev showed on video the enemy aircraft that our Heroes managed to shoot down. These are Shahed, Eleron, Orlan, ZALA and others.

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