Manufacturers of Russian Kinzhal missiles are not under sanctions and still receive materials from Europe - The Insider

After the large-scale invasion, Moscow has increased production of its most dangerous missiles

Defense contractors that produce the most dangerous of Russia's Kinzhal guided missiles have not yet been sanctioned by the West. Thus, they continue to import the necessary materials from the European Union.

This is stated in an investigation by the Russian publication The Insider. The journalists noted that after the large-scale invasion, the Rostec state corporation increased the production of Kinzhals, which cost Moscow $10 million per missile.

According to the publication, both Iskanders and Kinzhals are manufactured by the Kolomna-based Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering, a part of Rostech's high-precision complexes holding.

The Insider has previously written about chips from the United States (Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, and Altera) used in the Kinzhal.

Now journalists have stated that Moscow-based ETS Electronics LLC, established in 2021, imports American chips through the Chinese company ETC Electronics Limited.

"ETC Electronics participated in the Army-2022 forum and received a diploma from Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. But it has not yet been subject to EU sanctions, the investigation says.

According to media reports, materials for the production of "Kinzhals" are also imported from Europe - according to the public procurement website, the KBM receives heat and cold chambers (manufactured by Espec) from Moscow-based Osteck-Test LLC.

"Even during the war, according to ImportGenius, this company continued to import Espec equipment from Poland. The sender was Intertrans Sp. z o.o. from the city of Siedlce (the Polish authorities have already paid attention to it)," the journalists noted.

According to the investigation, "especially many" supplies came from Germany. The lathes were supplied by KEB-Rus LLC, a partner of the German company KEB, which imports cables from Germany at the height of the war.

Rifle drills and other tools manufactured by Sandvik are supplied by Svit Vershtavnika LLC , which receives products from IR-Logistik GMBH from Berlin, investigators found.

"The "brains" for the Kinzhal are produced by Radiant-EK JSC, which supplies integrated circuits. This company imports coils and tapes for protective packaging of electronic components from Germany (sender - Advantek Gmbh).

Similar supplies are made from other European countries. In particular, Russian Sonatek LLC , which has government contracts with the aggressor country's defense enterprises, offers "modern measuring and metalworking equipment from leading world manufacturers."

The company's trade counterparties are UAB Breitto, UAB CUST LT (Lithuania), Baltic Shipping Agency LTD Sp. z o.o. (Poland), Hermis Ekspo SIA(Latvia), Groupe D'Investissement Financier SA(Belgium), Aberlink Ltd(UK) and others.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- Main Directorate of Intelligence representative Andriy Yusov said that Moscow is replenishing its missile stockpile in preparation for winter. However, the aggressor will not be able to accumulate an "incredible amount" of missiles, he said.

- Earlier, the National Intelligence Center said that Russia had moved a batch of modernized S-300 missiles to the Bryansk region to strike the border areas of Ukraine.

- According to BILD, former Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin suggested to Putin that a large Ukrainian city should be hit by a space rocket. The journalists obtained a recording of Rogozin's conversation with Dmitry Baranov, head of the Russian Rocket and Space Center, in which officials said that parts of the rocket could fall on Russian territory due to an error of 50 to 100 km.

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