Macron agrees to Ukraine hitting the targets on Russian territory with French weapons, but there are restrictions

Emmanuel Macron. Source: IMAGO/Political-Moments

French President Emanuel Macron has authorized the use of weapons provided for Ukraine on the territory of the aggressor country. He noted that the limit of strikes is set by what the Russians are doing.

The French leader said this in a joint interview with BFMTV and TF1 on June 6. He also emphasized that there is no question of strikes against civilians.

"The line is set by what the Russians are doing," Macron said, answering journalists' questions.

The French President reminded that Paris had never gone for escalation and noted that "we did not attack Ukraine."

"The Russians have been threatening us from day one. The main thing is that we are not to blame. But we are set up in such a way that we can handle any risk. We are ready for it," the president assured, commenting on the Kremlin's threats.

As a reminder, according to media reports, France may soon send military instructors to Ukraine despite the concerns of some allies and criticism from Russia. Paris may announce its decision during the visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the occasion of the anniversary of the Normandy landings of the Allied forces during World War II.

Following this information, the spokesman for the Russian Embassy in France, Alexander Makogonov, said that French instructors who might be sent to Ukraine would allegedly be "legitimate targets" for the Russian occupiers. Paris said that such comments would not be left without consequences.

As reported, the French military have been in Ukraine since the beginning of the great war, according to the former commander of the French Marine regiment, Peer de Jong. According to him, French instructors accompanied Caesar howitzers at every stage before they arrived at the front in Ukraine.

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