"Let the world not forget": Hanna Rizatdinova performed against the backdrop of Kyiv's destruction and brought the Internet to tears. Video

The artist emotionally appealed to her followers

Ukrainian athlete and Olympic medalist in rhythmic gymnastics, Hanna Rizatdinova, together with her partner in "Dancing with the Stars" Oleksandr Prokhorov, touched the users online with a performance. The stars danced on the streets of Kyiv, conveying all the pain of our country and citizens fighting for independence.

An athlete shared the video on Instagram. The celebrities appeared in black laconic outfits against the backdrop of symbolic locations in the gloomy capital. The weather seemed to favor the dancers and reflected the state of mind of every Ukrainian citizen. The dance began in the heart of Kyiv, Sophia Square (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

Even an air raid siren didn't scare the performers into filming a sensual performance. With her dance, Hanna wanted to remind the world that the war in Ukraine is ongoing and a huge number of people are dying every day, protecting the world with their chests. Along with the video, Rizatdinova launched a flash mob with the #stillwarinukraine.


"Every day, Russian bombs fall on my country, every day heroes and Ukrainian children die. At the same time, the whole world is living in a parallel reality. Russians come with war symbols to the stands of tennis courts, and their athletes will participate in world fencing competitions... I can't help but get angry because the world does not want to notice the tragedy of my people!" the gymnast wrote in her blog.

According to her, this performance is a symbol of the fact that Kyiv withstood Russian aggression last year. Therefore, other cities in Ukraine will not fall and will be liberated. Followers could not hold back their tears, showering Hanna and Oleksandr with compliments.

"Incredible dance," "You're doing a great job! You're warriors on your front," "That's very strong. Well done. I hope that people while watching this dance will think at least a little bit about the price of our today and the future", "To tears and goosebumps", "Very sensual," people wrote in comments.



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