"Let him guess": Sikorski suggests keeping Putin in constant suspense

Sikorsky suggested keeping Putin on his toes. Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland

The Polish leadership does not rule out the possibility of sending its troops to Ukraine to help the Armed Forces in the war against the Russian invaders. The hint was found in the words of the head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Radoslaw Sikorski.

In an interview with the British national broadcaster, the Polish Foreign Minister spoke about the threat to the EU from Russia and the mistakes of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. He did not directly answer the question about sending Polish troops to Ukraine but made a fairly transparent hint that it was possible.

"We will not show our cards. We will let President Putin guess what we will do," Sikorski said. He added that the idea of French leader Emmanuel Macron to put Putin in a situation where he would not be sure of the allies' responses is right.

This is how Macron first commented on his proposal to send French troops to Ukraine.

"I think it would be good for President Putin to recognize his invasion as a mistake and make a new calculation, given that we will help Ukraine as long as it takes," the Pole suggested.

According to Sikorski, Poland currently spends the largest share of GDP in NATO on defense (4 percent), pleading to "spend even more."

The diplomat also expressed satisfaction that the U.S. Congress had finally approved military aid to Ukraine. He also suggested that the European Union could do even more when it comes to helping our country.

"Ukraine desperately needs anti-aircraft missiles to protect its industry, to protect its power plants, to protect its infrastructure. I believe that it is much better to spend money on the defense of Ukraine than to rebuild it later," Sikorski said.

As reported, Warsaw has filed an official request to deploy nuclear weapons of the North Atlantic Alliance on its territory. According to officials of the Polish Ministry of National Defense, it is an application for participation in the NATO program called Nuclear Sharing, which has already been joined by such members as Germany, Belgium and Italy.

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