"Kalibr" missiles first flew to Kyiv, but then abruptly turned back: the Air Force revealed details of the night attack

The Air Force revealed details of the Russian night attack on Ukraine

Russian war criminals resorted to subterfuge during a massive air attack on Ukraine on the night of July 6. Their Kalibr cruise missiles from the Black Sea, some of which hit Lviv, flew first to Kyiv.

This was told by the speaker of the Air Force of the AFU Yuriy Ihnat on the air of the television marathon. We recall that the defenders of the skies managed to shoot down seven of the ten enemy targets aimed at the Lviv region.

In a summary of the repulsion of the attack, the military informed that it took place around 01:00 on Thursday. Several groups of missiles were recorded, first heading north, using the terrain and the Dnipro riverbed, and then abruptly changing course to the west.


Ihnat clarified that by the northern direction we mean Kyiv. The occupants always use riverbeds in order to advance as far as possible and to overcome the Ukrainian air defense system.

According to him, this time, when the missiles were heading north, there was a probability that it would be Kyiv that would be hit, but the enemy "Kalibr" turned sharply to the west and attacked Lviv.

"Some of it was destroyed by the fighters, most of the missiles were destroyed in the west," he added.


As OBOZREVATEL reported, on the night of July 6, Russia hit a house and critical infrastructure in Lviv with Kalibr cruise missiles. Dozens of different buildings and vehicles were destroyed. Four people were killed and 34 were injured with varying degrees of severity.

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