Kadyrov offered the US to lift sanctions on his relatives in exchange for Ukrainian captives

He handed over the list of prisoners to former American intelligence officer Ritter

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has offered the United States to lift sanctions on his relatives, horses , and airplane in exchange for Ukrainian prisoners. He said that he had handed over the list of prisoners to Scott Ritter, a former American intelligence officer, Kremlin supporter, and convicted sex offender who had arrived in Grozny the day before.

Kadyrov voiced his proposal during a meeting of security forces in Grozny on January 5, Kremlin media reported. "We have an interesting offer for our guest. We have prisoners whom we took in Donetsk and Luhansk. I'm handing over (the list - Ed.) to our guest... if they lift the sanctions against my mother, my daughters and innocent people, horses... except me. If they add some more sanctions against me, we will give these people back," he said.

Kadyrov offered the US to lift sanctions on his relatives in exchange for Ukrainian captives

At the same time, during Kadyrov's speech, a video message was shown of alleged prisoners asking to lift "absurd sanctions that have no effect" against Kadyrov's relatives, his horses and his plane.

"If you fulfill these conditions, 20 Ukrainian soldiers will return to their homes," one of the people in the video said.

As it is known, the US sanctions list includes Kadyrov's alleged wives (according to the US Treasury) - Medni Kadyrova, Fatima Khazuyeva and Aminat Akhmadova. Restrictions were also imposed on Kadyrov's daughters Aishat, Karina and Tabarik, Aishat Kadyrov's fashion house Firdaws and Turpal-Ali Ibragimov, his cousin.

Scott Ritter arrived in Chechnya on January 4. There he visited the Russian University of Special Forces, the Goodsky Aerodynamic Complex, and the Pride of Muslims mosque in Shali.

Ritter is a former US Marine intelligence officer, former UN weapons inspector who supports Russia's military aggression against Ukraine. He is known as one of the "foreign experts" on whom Moscow's propaganda actively relies, writing articles for the Kremlin's Russia Today media company.

In 2011, Ritter was convicted in the United States for unlawful contact with a minor, but he pleaded not guilty. He was released on parole after 2.5 years in prison.

As OBOZ.UA reported, Kadyrov's minor son received nine awards. "The 15-year-old Adam Kadyrov collected his "collection" of orders and medals in just a month, with the title of "Hero of Chechnya" as its highlight.

On January 3, after a long break, Ukraine conducted a new exchange of prisoners - 230 Ukrainian soldiers and civilians returned home, including defenders of Mariupol and Azovstal. The Russian side handed over 248 occupants.

Earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine called on Ukrainians not to pass on the data of prisoners and missing persons to unverified persons in order not to harm the defenders.

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