"Only 70 km were left to the Admiral Makarov frigate": details on Musk's intervention in the first Ukrainian attack of naval drones in Crimea appeared online

Musk thwarts the first attack of naval drones on Sevastopol Bay

In September 2022, Ukraine tried to use naval drones against Russian vessels in the Sevastopol Bay for the first time. However, about 70 kilometers to the destination, the connection with the Starlink was lost .

The authorities were unable to convince the owner of the satellite platform, businessman Elon Musk, to restore the connection, so Ukraine decided to modify the drones. This is stated in the article of Ukrainska Pravda.

The first attempt to attack enemy targets in Sevastopol took place on the night of September 16-17, 2022. The head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Maliuk, the commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Oleksii Neizhpapa, Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, and the ideologist of the surface drone program, Brigadier General of the Security Service of Ukraine Military Counterintelligence, known as "Hunter," watched the advance of these devices from a bunker.

As Hunter told the newspaper, this was the first model of maritime drones, so some of them drowned or exploded on their way to Sevastopol Bay.

However, five drones carrying 108 kilograms of TNT made it through and were approaching Sevastopol. One of the participants in the operation said that the boats had 70 kilometers to go to the Admiral Makarov frigate.

"Everyone was excited that we were going to attack it. And then we are cut off from communication. Elon Musk turned off the Starlink, through which we controlled the drones," the soldier said.

Another person present in the bunker said that Fedorov tried to influence Musk, but he did not listen.

"Our people also tried to resolve the situation through their channels, but the Americans say that it is a private company and they cannot put pressure on them," another said.

The team tried to return the drones to the base, but only two of them made it back. However, even these two drones provided valuable information, including communication, navigation, design, and more.

One of the developers noted that the military laboratory of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Navy investigated and analyzed all aspects of the situation. This work made it possible to carry out successful strikes on Russian targets in Sevastopol bays in October, a month after the incident.

Earlier, the secrets of the Sea Baby drones that created a real "hell" for the enemy were revealed. It turned out that these drones can not only carry almost a ton of explosives but also inflict damage with missiles.

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