In Ukraine they gave a life sentence to a Russian missile strike corrector who was afraid that the occupiers would not reach Lviv

The traitor was waiting for Russia to come to war in Lviv.

In Lviv, another collaborator, who photographed military facilities in Lviv region, was convicted. Thus, the court sentenced 47-year-old Vladislav Kozeev to life imprisonment with confiscation of property.

This is reported by Judicial reporter. Thus, the traitor was sentenced on May 16 by the judges of the Lviv Zheleznodorozhny District Court.

Reportedly, the prosecutor himself suggested imposing the harshest possible punishment on the accused, since he not only performed the tasks received from the occupants, but also independently, for ideological reasons, sought information and passed it on to the Russians.

Kozeev pleaded not guilty, saying that he did not do what he was accused of. At the court hearings he showed impudent behavior. Thus, during the reading of the verdict Kozeyev smiled, and then refused to accept a copy of the decision, having said: "Send it to the Supreme Court".

It is noted that Kozeev is a citizen of Ukraine, but was born in Ulan-Ude, the capital of Buryatia. It is also known that the collaborator has two children, but he has been living with his parents for the past few years.

After the full-scale invasion in May 2022, Kozeev sent Russian representatives information about the location of military facilities and the movement of Ukrainian Armed Forces troops, as well as coordinates of critical infrastructure in Lviv region, including five bridges. In addition, he used his own phone to record the consequences of missile attacks on Lviv. In total, law enforcers recorded 25 cases of transmitting information.

Kozeev transmitted the collected information to the Russian in Telegram. While checking his phone, investigators found some of their communication, because the accused used the automatic deletion function of messages in the messenger. However, thanks to special programs, investigators were able to restore on Kozeev's phone the deleted pictures, probably he also transmitted them to the Russians. Among them were images of the aftermath of a missile strike on Lviv, a military unit and military equipment in one of the villages in Lviv region, an AFU training center, an oil depot, a bridge and other objects.

Kozeev also kept photos marked with "Z" and communist symbols. He was subscribed to numerous Russian propaganda telegram channels. In particular, in the Solovyov Livе telegram channel, the traitor asked whether Russians would fight in Lviv. He also expressed concerns about this in correspondence with other users.


Earlier it was reported that the SSU detained a nurse in Kherson who was leaking Ukrainian defenders' data to the FSB and correcting enemy fire. A nurse of a hospital in Kherson during the occupation of the city was recruited by a career FSB officer.

Recall that the SBU unmasked six bloggers who "exposed" online the work of Kyiv's air defense on May 16. On that day, the Russian Ministry of Defense boasted about the "destruction" of Patriot SAMs.

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