In the AFU showed jewelry destruction of the enemy APC. Video

Ukrainian strike on Russian military equipment
Ukrainian strike on Russian military equipment

The Ukrainian Defense Forces skillfully destroyed an enemy armored personnel carrier in Avdiivka direction (Donetschina). The precise strike was made with the help of an FPV drone

The operation was carried out by servicemen of the 47th separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The corresponding video appeared on the Facebook page of the 47th OMBr.

The representatives of the AFU said that the BTR-82A - a modernization of the Russian BTR-82 with a 30-mm 2A72 cannon in the BPPU (pre-pack preparation unit) module - had undergone "demilitarization".

"We like the way it burns," the soldiers of the 47th OMBr of the AFU joked.

Before the drone hit

The country's defenders observed the location of the occupants in the Avdiivka direction from the air. They saw that the enemy had pulled together several armored vehicles in one place. Personnel of the RF Armed Forces were also seen near them.

Ukrainian FPV-drones decided to destroy the outermost vehicle - it was a BTR-82A. "Bavovna" was spectacular, parts of the armored personnel carrier were thrown high into the air. After the targeted attack, the enemy's equipment caught fire.


As OBOZ.UA wrote:

- On the left bank of the Kherson region, Russian occupiers on a passenger car tried to escape from the FPV drone of the defenders of Ukraine, but got into an accident. The car of the invaders overturned, and the drone operator made a spectacular impact on the body.

- In the 63rd separate mechanized brigade of the AFU showed the attack of an attack UAV, made on the accumulation of enemy manpower. 10 invaders as a result of targeted "bavovna" left the ranks of the AFU.

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