In Sevastopol, the occupiers have placed S-300 launchers between private houses: residents panic

S-300 launcher. Source: Russian media

In the temporarily occupied Sevastopol, the invaders have placed S-300 launchers in close proximity to a residential area. The invaders placed the complex between private houses.

Local residents began to panic because of this "neighborhood". This is reported by the Telegram channel "Crimean Wind".

"In Sevastopol, local residents complain that the S-300 launchers have been placed in close proximity to a residential area between private houses on the 7th kilometer of the Balaklava highway," the message says.

In Sevastopol, the occupiers have placed S-300 launchers between private houses: residents panic

The channel's subscribers reported that this complex used to be located on Hirnycha Hill, which is 10 km away. Balaklava highway. Subsequently, the complex was moved to a new position.

And given how methodically Ukraine is "knocking out" Russian air defense on the temporarily occupied peninsula, such "maneuvers" cause panic among residents of the residential area where the S-300 is now installed, the channel notes.

Earlier, it was reported that SSU drones hit the Sky IED radar in Crimea. The complex, which costs up to $100 million, "tracked" the front line over 300 km long and covered Russian military facilities on the peninsula.

It was also reported that during one of the attacks on Crimea in May of this year, the commander of an air defense base on the occupied peninsula was killed. Later it turned out that the occupier, surnamed Kulakov, betrayed Ukraine in 2014, and the "reward" found the "hero" ten years after the betrayal.

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