In Kherson, a Russian shell killed a boy at a playground: the child's grandfather was also killed

In Kherson, a Russian shell killed a 5-year-old child and his grandfather

On May 17 in Kherson, Russian soldiers killed a 5-year-old boy, Seva Kucherenko, and his grandfather during another shelling attack. An enemy shell exploded not far from the playground where the children were playing. The father had no time to take his son to hospital and the boy died in his arms.

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A shell exploded near a playground

Tragedy struck on Wednesday, May 17. The Russian military once again opened fire on Kherson and its surroundings. They fired at the village of Zelenovka, which is very close to Kherson.

One of the shells exploded near a store. "This store belongs to the parents of the child's father. At that time the boy's father himself was behind the store, he was laying tracks there. And the grandfather (father of the dead child's mother) and little Seva were on the other side of the building. The little boy was playing in the sandbox and riding on the swings," said a local resident of the settlement.


The boy's father was lightly wounded by the explosion. He rushed to the playground and saw his grandfather and son lying down, with a pool of blood nearby. The man grabbed his son in his arms, stopped a passing car, and drove to the hospital.

But, unfortunately, he didn't make it in time - the child died in his arms. The grandfather also died. They were buried on Friday, May 19.

A month ago a shell nearly destroyed the family home

Seva was going to be six years old in July and could have gone to school this fall. The baby was the only son of his parents.


Judging by the photos on the page of Seva's 25-year-old mother, Karina, the boy was very much loved. Karina captioned one of her son's photos "My only favorite man.


According to one of the residents of the settlement, about a month ago the family's house was damaged by shelling. "The roof was blown off then. The relatives were just sitting in the summer kitchen. I remember we were collecting help to repair the roof. And that's the kind of grief. Then the shell did not kill them, but this time it did", - says the woman.

The family is very well spoken about in the settlement.


People say that the occupants fire at this area from the left bank very often. During the arrival to the store, in addition to a child and his grandfather, another man was killed. Last night the residents of Zelenovka again did not sleep because the Russians were firing indiscriminately.

There are no military or infrastructure facilities nearby. The invaders are simply terrorizing the locals in retaliation for not being accepted by Kherson residents when they occupied the town.

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