Hundreds of graves in seven months: Satellite photos of a Wagner cemetery in Russia have been published online

The cemetery of the ''Wagnerites'' in Krasnodar Krai continues to grow

From December 2022 to early June 2023 the cemetery of the "Wagnerites" in Krasnodar Krai increased 17-fold. While at the end of last year there were fewer than 50 graves in the village of Bakinskaya, by July 8 there were more than 800.

This was stated by the Krasnodar activist Valeriy Votanovskiy. He showed the cemetery filmed from above by drone.

Krasnodar researcher of military graves Vitaly Votanovsky showed drone footage of the cemetery and columbarium near the chapel of the Wagner PMC in the Bakinskaya village. The area allocated for burials is already 60% occupied.

As of July 8, Votanovski counted 824 graves in the cemetery alone. At the end of December there were 48.


However, no one can say for sure what is going on in the columbarium at the Wagnerian church. As of December, says Votanovsky, there were 228 niches for urns.

The activist also published pictures of graves in the cemetery, taken by drone. It is not known how he managed to get the pictures, given the current ban on UAV flights in the Krasnodar region, and the fact that in early April, Votanovsky was forced to leave Russia because of death threats and criminal charges for disclosing information about the losses of the Wagnerites.


As a reminder, this morning the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine updated data on Russian losses in the war against Ukraine. During July 8, the AFU eliminated 600 occupants and destroyed 88 enemy vehicles.

In total, Russia has already lost 234,040 of its soldiers during the full-scale invasion.

On the day before, more than two companies of Russian invaders were killed or wounded and 23 pieces of equipment were destroyed in the Tauride direction alone.

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