"His word is worthless." Zelenskyi confirms he will not compromise with Putin. Video

President says dictator does not need peace in Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelenskyi has ruled out the possibility of reaching compromises with Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin. The head of the Ukrainian state noted that the Russian president does not need peace in Ukraine, so negotiations with him do not make sense.

Zelenskyy made the statement in an interview with Latin American media during a visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 10. "First of all, he (Putin - Ed.) does not need peace. When we want to solve a problem, we must understand that all parties need it. We want to end the war," he said.

The President added that he does not imagine negotiations with Putin or the Russian side regarding people living in the occupied territories.

"How can I negotiate with Putin? Let's forget for a second that he is a murderer. On the Russian side. How can I negotiate with him about people who are in some towns and villages that have been occupied, who live there? And here two people or two teams sit down and say: let them be yours. Who are we to decide where a person should live, who they should be, what language they should speak, what flag they should respect? Who are we?" Zelenskyi explained.

According to the Constitution, the president must protect the rights and freedoms of people, help and liberate them from the occupiers. There should be citizens who are ready to take up arms and help Ukrainians in the occupation, Zelensky added.

The Head of State recalled that in 2014, after Russia seized the territories of Donbas, Putin assured that there would be no full-scale attack on Ukraine. The Kremlin leader's excuse then was allegedly "helping Russian speakers."

"Everything he says is not true. He is not interested in an independent Ukraine, he needs Ukraine as a part, an enclave of Russia, as he did with Belarus , as he did with Moldova, Georgia. Everywhere, as in our country, he seizes a part of an integral territory so that there is no stability and then comes to take over the whole thing. Ukraine is just a big country, and he failed. So what could he compromise? Who is he? I cannot trade people. And with whom? With a person whose word is worthless. These are not guarantees," Zelenskyi said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- In October 2022, Zelenskyi put into effect a decision of the National Security and Defense Council, which, among other things, prohibits negotiations with current Russian President Putin.

- Earlier, Moscow's demands at the 2022 Istanbul talks after the occupiers fled northern Ukraine became known. In particular, the Russian Federation wanted to reduce the Ukrainian army to 85,000 people and 342 tanks.

- Recently, the White House said it wanted to persuade Russia to negotiate on Ukraine's terms by the end of 2024.

- Russian Foreign Minister Serhii Lavrov revealed that Moscow allegedly wants negotiations and accused Kyiv and the West of allegedly not wanting to end the war. At the same time, his deputy Ryabkov said that there would be no negotiations and that Russia would allegedly achieve the goals of the "Special Military Operation" in 2024.

- Russian Defense Minister Shoigu stated that the Kremlin was allegedly ready for talks with the West on Ukraine and "further coexistence."

- Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said that Russia does not propose to start peace talks because it does not need them. According to him, Moscow's plans have not changed - it still seeks to establish total control over Ukraine.

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