Germany is riddled by Russian spies - Danilov

Danilov spoke about the activity of Russian spies in Germany

Germany remains vulnerable to Russian influence. A network of Russian spies continues to operate in the country, contributing to a high threat of classified information leakage.

This was stated by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksii Danilov, according to The Times. As he said, this is why Russian propagandists got hold of a conversation between German officers discussing the transfer of Taurus missiles to Ukraine. The official also suggested that this was not the last leak.

"We have repeatedly warned our partners about the spy network of Russians who are very active in Germany," Danilov said.

He explained that the Russian agents operating in Germany today are descendants of Russian operatives from the Cold War, who had been "snooping" there since 1989 before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

"The country is very vulnerable to Russian influence, and this is due to their past heritage and the cooperation between Germans and Russians before the full-scale war in Ukraine," Danilov stated.

As a reminder, Belgium has expelled dozens of so-called Russian diplomats in recent months. The government said that these people were "obvious spies". They noted that the Kremlin is attacking Brussels in other ways, including cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns.

Back in April 2023, the media reported that nowhere in Europe does Russia have as much satellite communications equipment used to transmit confidential information back to Russia as on the buildings of its embassy in Belgium.

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