Germany to deploy additional Patriot system in Ukraine in winter

Germany will deploy another Patriot in Ukraine in winter to protect the energy system

Germany predicts that the coming winter could be very difficult for Ukraine due to Russia's attacks on energy infrastructure. The German government helped Ukraine to defend itself against future attacks by providing 4 IRIS-T systems.

Thus, in winter, Germany will deploy another Patriot system in Ukraine. This was stated by German Ambassador to Ukraine Martin Jaeger in an interview with Ukrinform.

According to the diplomat, Germany shares Ukraine's concerns, which were formulated by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, who said that our country is currently preparing for the "worst winter in history."

"The situation in the winter may become very difficult. The Ukrainian side has done everything possible to prepare for this situation, and we have helped with the preparations.... Currently, 4 IRIS-T systems delivered from Germany are already in place. During his visit, the Minister announced that we will supply additional systems in the coming years... In addition to the mentioned IRIS-T systems, another Patriot system from Germany will be deployed here in the winter," Jaeger said.

He also noted that Germany has allocated funds to help prepare the Ukrainian power grid for winter.

"We supplied many generators and provided other support. Thus, we managed to make a significant impact on the situation. Within both years, we paid a total of EUR 200 million to the Energy Support Fund, making us the largest contributor. The total amount of support last winter, including generators, amounted to 260 million euros, and for this year, for this winter, our support will reach about 300 million euros," the German Ambassador to Ukraine said, answering a journalist's question.

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