German authorities have collected over 500 evidences of Russian crimes against Ukraine

German Minister of Justice speaks about collecting evidence of Russia's war crimes in Ukraine

Germany continues to collect information about Russia's war crimes in Ukraine. So far, more than 500 testimonies have been collected, and more than 160 witnesses have been interviewed.

This was stated by German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann, DW reports. He also expressed hope that Russian President Vladimir Putin would sooner or later be brought to justice for everything he has done against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

The German Ministry of Justice reported that it had already collected more than 500 testimonies about Russia's war crimes in Ukraine. More than 160 witnesses have been interviewed.

"We want to persuade victims and witnesses of traumatic events to share with the police what they have experienced," emphasized Buschmann.

The German Minister of Justice also reminded of the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court for Putin on charges of abducting Ukrainian children. Therefore, collecting evidence of Russia's war crimes is extremely important for the triumph of justice.

"Any photo and any video, for example, on a smartphone, can help the investigation. Anyone who deletes such materials only helps Russian war criminals," Bushman said.

The newspaper also writes that next week the German Ministry of Justice will hold a conference on international law, an important item on the agenda of which will be the increase in attacks by Russian drones on civilian targets in Ukraine. The German Justice Minister is convinced that this multiplies Russia's war crimes.

"If a Russian drone is aimed by a soldier at a residential building with civilians in it, it is a war crime," Bushman said.

In addition, the Justice Minister said that Germany is working to expand international cooperation with Ukraine, Poland, and the United States. In particular, he believes it is important to strengthen contacts with the new Polish government, as this country borders on Ukraine and has received a huge number of refugees from the war-torn country.

Bushman believes that Putin should be held personally responsible for the war crimes of the Russian army in Ukraine.

"If someone gives an order to deliberately violate international law, he is potentially a war criminal," said the German Justice Minister, expressing hope that the Russian dictator will eventually be brought to justice.

Earlier, The Guardian reported that the ICC opposes a special tribunal for Russian war crimes and blocks Ukraine's efforts. The Hague claims that it has no jurisdiction over Russia because it is not a party to the Rome Statute.

The author also stated that some G7 countries - the United States, the United Kingdom, and France - are not enthusiastic about the international tribunal. They believe that such a tribunal could set a precedent that other world leaders would be indicted by other future tribunals.

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