France announces the transfer of decommissioned weapons to Ukraine

CAESAR. Source: defence-ua.com

France has announced the transfer of decommissioned weapons to Ukraine. Instead of being disposed of, it will help the Ukrainian army defend itself against Ukraine's full-scale armed aggression.

This was stated by French Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu in an interview with Var-Matin. The head of the defense ministry emphasized that such actions of the government in no way weaken the defense capability of France.

The journalist who spoke with Lecornu asked whether the transfer of weapons from the French army to Ukraine could weaken France's security, as critics of the current government say.

The Minister of Defense responded by assuring him that such steps do not in any way reduce the country's defense capabilities. After all, the weapons being transferred are already decommissioned.

"Instead of throwing these weapons and equipment away or transferring them to other countries, we are giving them to the Ukrainian army. I repeat that the defense capability will not deteriorate," Lecornu emphasized.

As an example, the minister cited the AMX-10RC armored fighting vehicles, which are currently being replaced by more modern EBRC Jaguars in the French army.

The minister added that the weapons being transferred from the French Armed Forces will soon be supplemented as the country is investing heavily in expanding its military-industrial complex.

"Since we are massively reinvesting in our armies under this 413 billion euro plan for 2024-2030, we have a lot of equipment that is still working and will be removed," Lecornu explained.

On March 26, it became known that France was going to transfer 78 more CAESAR howitzers to Ukraine. France and Denmark will finance their purchase. The relevant agreements have already been reached.

The French government is also going to increase the supply of shells to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We are talking about at least 80 thousand 155-mm caliber shells this year.

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