Explosions erupt in Crimea, occupiers complain of drone attack: Russian Black Sea Fleet also under attack

Explosions were heard near Eupatoria, the work of the air defense system is reported

On the morning of September 14, explosions were heard near Eupatoria in temporarily occupied Crimea. The Russian occupants complained about another drone attack and reported on the work of their air defenses.

About it writes Telegram-channel "Crimean wind" from the testimonies of eyewitnesses. The photo published online shows a powerful explosion, resulting in a column of smoke (to see the video, scroll to the end of the news).

Explosions erupt in Crimea, occupiers complain of drone attack: Russian Black Sea Fleet also under attack

It is noted that the hit tentatively had to hit the air defense installation of the Russians.

In addition, about the flight of drones, several explosions and the dawn reported, for example, local residents in the group "AMS EUPATORIA Eupatoria" in Telegram. As the media write, there are several military units in the area of Eupatoria. The Saki military airfield, which has already been hit by the Ukrainian army, is also not far from it.

Explosions erupt in Crimea, occupiers complain of drone attack: Russian Black Sea Fleet also under attack

According to local residents, the explosions occurred, presumably in the area of the Zaozerne settlement. People complained that the blast wave in Eupatoria made many people's houses "go round and round".

The Russian Defense Ministry said that at around 05.30 Moscow time,"air defense forces destroyed 11 Ukrainian drones of the airplane type over Crimea".

At the same time, residents of Eupatoria filmed UAVs flying over residential buildings, as well as one of the drones that managed to be shot down. The author of the video complained about the acrid odor emanating from it.

Also, as the media write, explosions occurred in the area of the settlement of Uyutne. Ambulances and rescuers drive along the streets. As local residents told "Suspilne Krym", it is in this area is located military unit #85683.

Explosions erupt in Crimea, occupiers complain of drone attack: Russian Black Sea Fleet also under attack
Explosions erupt in Crimea, occupiers complain of drone attack: Russian Black Sea Fleet also under attack

Oleksiy Honcharenko, an MP of Ukraine from "European Solidarity", said in Telegram that the hit probably hit an air defense base near Eupatoria. At the same time, he noted that this information is not accurate.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry claims that early Thursday morning Ukrainian naval drones again attacked a Russian ship in the Black Sea - and "again without success." In particular, the Russian Defense Ministry's press service noted that around 5 a.m., five uncrewed boats attempted to attack the Black Sea Fleet patrol ship Sergei Kotov in the sea, but were allegedly destroyed.

It should be noted that the day before the Russian terrorist agency also claimed that Ukrainian marine drones had unsuccessfully attacked Russian ships at sea. And, judging by the Defense Ministry's statement, it took place around the time when a missile strike was launched against a ship repair plant in Sevastopol, as a result of which, as is known, two ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet were significantly damaged.

This time, the ministry released a report about the victory over Ukrainian naval drones right after the news about the airborne drone raid on the Eupatoria area.


Recall, the day before "bavovna" visited the temporarily occupied Sevastopol on the territory of Crimea. There the hit was hit on the ship repair plant of the occupants, a fire broke out. This enterprise, located on the Ship Side of Sevastopol, is the main site for the construction and repair of ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

"Air defense means shot down seven cruise missiles, patrol ship "Vasily Bykov" destroyed all uncrewed boats. Two ships under repair were damaged by enemy cruise missiles," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

According to the Russian media, two people were killed and 26 injured in the attack as a preliminary result of the attack by the AFU missile attack on the Sevastopol naval plant named after S. Ordzhonikidze. All of them are employees of the plant.

It is also reported that two vessels were damaged on the territory of the plant : diesel-electric submarine Rostov-on-Don and large landing ship Minsk, they burst into flames. Both vessels were under repair in the dry dock.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Sky News reported that during a night attack on Sevastopol on September 13, Ukraine hit the ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet with British Storm Shadow cruise missiles. As a result, two Russian Black Sea Fleet ships were damaged.

- The attack on Sevastopol expectedly caused hysteria among Russian propagandists. In particular, Vladimir Solovyov, a well-known Kremlin presenter, was outraged and called for a retaliatory attack on Western facilities that produced the missiles used by Ukraine.

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