"Every viper was documented": Malyuk tells how many agent networks SSU eliminated in 2023

Malyuk spoke about the elimination of enemy agent networks in Ukraine

In 2023, the SSU dismantled 47 agent networks that worked against the national security of our country. These groups included traitors of various "caliber": from current MPs to representatives of the Defense Forces.

SSU Head Vasyl Malyuk said this in an interview during a telethon on ICTV. As an example, he cited the elimination of a network in Kyiv region, whose members, fulfilling the FSB's task, took courses in combat drone operators and planned to destroy the Patriot system.

They had purchased drones and were already preparing a sabotage, but the SSU managed to detain them. Another group, also exposed by law enforcement, operated in Odesa region. Its members collected and transmitted information to the enemy and organized missile attacks. The curator of this network was located in Transnistria, but the SSU managed to lure him to the territory controlled by Ukraine for detention.

"I call these real "vipers," and we have to document each such viper - identify everyone, the entire network, not a single traitor," Malyuk said.

He noted that although the Russians have strong intelligence services, the SSU has beaten them in all key areas.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, in Kyiv region, SSU officers detained an FSB mole who, according to the investigation, was trying to get a job in the police. He needed it to spy on the "Offensive Guard" and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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